Inner Asian Music

Inner Asian Music (IAM), with its sister company 7-Star Records, specializes in promoting the music of nomadic peoples from the unique cultural area of Inner Asia (Tuva, Khakassia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Altai, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet). About Microsoft software please visit

IAM undertakes projects that are designed:

  • to introduce the music of nomadic peoples from the culturally specific area of Inner Asia.

  • to provide opportunities to experience and learn these radically different views of music and nature.

  • to encourage Inner Asian and British musicians to work together.

We represent top quality Inner Asian musicians and the Inner Asian music expert and musician Carole Pegg.

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What we do

The Goshawk Project: English Trad meets Tuvan Roots click here...
We organise concerts, workshops tours of our artists. If you've always wanted to learn throat singing, click here...
For online sales of Inner Asian Music CDs and books, click here...
Carole Pegg is director of IAM. The former Mr Fox fiddler is a Cambridge lecturer and expert on Inner Asia,
click here...
We represent artists from Inner Asia. To learn more about the artists we represent, click here...

As well as selling CDs we also produce them. 7 -star records is our in-house label. We record artists in their home lands where possible, click here...

Our artists are available for concerts in festivals, theatres, arts centres and smaller venues (e.g. folk clubs). We lead workshops in schools, museums and universities, arrange special residencies, offer interactive seminars and lectures, and organize individual tuition. We also have experience in consultancy.

We can arrange work permits, visas, travel, accommodation and supporting publicity.


About us

Based in Cambridge, England, IAM was founded by Carole in 2005. Her own musical roots lie in English traditional fiddle-playing and singing - and the legendary 70s folk-rock band Mr Fox. She brings this practical musician's experience and more than 20 years of working in Inner Asia to her choice of musicians to represent and promote.