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An experimental collaboration between

Carole Pegg and Radik Tülüsh: ‘English Trad meets Tuvan Roots’ click here...

Carole Pegg
English singer-songwriter and roots fiddler


These days, I combine my own English roots music with the sounds of Inner Asian music. I still love to play and sing traditional English tunes and songs, many from my home area of the Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire border and from the time I lived in Blaxhall, East Suffolk, where I played regularly in the pubs with the melodeon player Oscar Woods, fiddler Fred 'Pip' Whiting, accordion-playing step-dancer Font Whatling, hammer-dulcimer player Reggie Reader and all those wonderful singers including Geoff Woods, Percy Ling ... One strand of my own song-writing also draws heavily on southern English traditional music and tunes. Another carries on the supernatural themes of my Mr Fox and Carolanne Pegg songwriting days. As part of The Goshawk Project, I'm now experimenting with vocal sounds and have a much wider and richer vocal range than before. And I work with Inner Asian musical sounds to accompany my songs, such as throat-singing and horse-hair fiddles. See here for biography and musical history.

Radik Tülüsh (Tyulyush
Tuvan throat-singer and master musician

Playing 4-stringed byzaanchy fiddle at WOMEX Music Expo, Cardiff, Wales, 2013

The former wild fiddler of Yat-kha and current member of the highly acclaimed Huun-Huur-Tu, Radik is a master of improvisation on Tuvan 2- and 4-string fiddle (igil, byzaanchy), end-blown pipe (shoor), and 5 styles of throat-singing, while staying true to his rich Tuvan traditions. An old lady in the Tuvan Mountains said:

'The sound of his voice makes you fall out of this world and into a different space'.

His effect on UK audiences is similar:

'Those lucky enough to catch one of his recent UK gigs will know that he's a mesmerizing live performer with a tendency for inspired flights of improvisation' (FRoots).

Khakas multi-instrumentalist and throat-singing duo

Sergei Charkov
and his daughter Julia evoke the unique ancient culture of Khakassia in southern Siberia. A former member of Sabjilar, Sergei uses overtone- and undertone-singing styles (khai) and makes and plays all Khakas traditional instruments: chatkhan zither, yykh two-string fiddle, khomus lute, syylas pipe and tüür shaman drum. Julia is the first female Khakas musician to dare to challenge the formerly male preserve of khai performance. Her hard-edged voice complements her equally superb musicianship and dance.

'I've just got back from the Khyrkhaas concert in Cambridge. It was absolutely magical. They are a father and daughter, both stunning singers and musicians. Julia plays the 12-string chatkhan zither magnificently and her singing is...well...amazing!'
Ruth Bramley, Longdogs.